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ImageBam Remote Upload Widget The ImageBam Remote Upload Widget enables users to upload and share photos without ever leaving your site. The widget is a perfect complement to forum posting pages and webpages where users need to host and share images. Installing the widget requires only a few lines of code and is fully customizable.
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Flash Content

Once the upload is finished the textarea below will populated automatically!
The user does not need to copy and paste anything!

Example Text Area that will be populated once the upload is finished (could be a forum post input box, comment input box, etc.):


ibw_container (mandatory):
the ID of the DOM-element where the flash object will be inserted

ibw_textarea_id (mandatory):
the ID of the textarea where the code should be inserted

ibw_code_type (mandatory):
"html" output code in HTML-format
"bb" output in BB-format

"SFW" only allow uploads to be marked as SFW
"NSFW" only allow uploads to be marked as NSFW
"" allow both options

name of the css class that should be used in the HTML-formated output

function to replace the standard callback function

6 character color code - e.g. FFFFFF

6 character color code - e.g. FFFFFF
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